5 Ways to Increase Your Profit Margins

ways to increase profit marginsU.S. businesses are facing greater difficulty increasing profit margins than they have in decades past. Part of the problem is the lingering effects of the Great Recession which has been extremely slow to recover. If your profits aren’t where you’d like them to be at this stage of the game, there are a few bold moves you just might light the spark that ignites a windfall of profit for your business.

1) Give some Customers the Heave Ho

Throw dead weight overboard. These customers that are more problem than profit are weighing your business down. It’s time to cut them off and send them packing.

2) Look for other Ways to Profit from Your Business or Take Your Business across Borders

Sell licenses to your technology or brand in other countries. It doesn’t lead to competition here and results in “royalty” types of checks coming in month after month without causing you to do additional work to get them.

Also, seek opportunities elsewhere. Follow the same business model you’ve used for success here to create new opportunities and bigger profits in emerging markets outside of the U.S.

3) Automate the Process

The easier you make your business to operate the less time is wasted with the details. Look for a credit card processor that’s versatile, convenient, and quick to use and a credit card processing service, like Chosen Payments, that will take care of your unique business needs. Most people find that the benefits of these services in increased profits make credit card processing fees negligible.

4) Distinguish Yourself and Your Company

It may cost a little bit of profit while working to distinguish your company so that you really stand out, but what can happen as a result will lead to increased sales and higher profits than ever before. Work to make your company, not just a leader in your industry, but the best in your industry. That distinction will solidify your brand recognition and send your profits soaring.

5) Rediscover Your Products

And, as a result, fall in love with them all over again. Reconnect with the products you create. Re-envision them at the same time. Reinvent the wheel to make it something unique and better than what everyone else is offering. This uniqueness commands higher prices and creates bigger profits. Think about what the iPod did to the Walkman.

These five tips may not make you the next big billionaire, but they are bold moves that just might help you move your profits in the right direction.  Call the Chosen Payments specialists to help increase your margins today!

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