Chosen Payments was founded with the merchant in mind.

Our organization is dedicated to making a difference in payment processing services by taking a partnership approach. Chosen Payments is not only a partner, but a business consultant for merchants nationwide that accept electronic payments.

We are experts in numerous types of payment processing services, including credit card processing, check processing, gift/loyalty, ATM, merchant cash advance, mobile applications and other payment processing and financial services.


Our focus is being your “partner in success.” This means that we treat each and every relationship like a true partnership, using our decades of industry experience to facilitate growth for our merchants.

Lisa Mann is the Director of Operations at Chosen Payments

Lisa Mann
Director of Operations

Lisa joined Chosen Payments with 18 years of experience in the credit card processing industry. Lisa oversees the customer service and tech support departments. She is responsible for overseeing agent support, merchant support and customer service for the company.

Talia Hession is the Director of Client Relations at Chosen Payments

Talia Hession
Director of Client Relations

A Chosen Payments family member since 2012, Talia is responsible for the day to day support and managing the relationship with our clients. As the prime example of “The Chosen Way”, she ensures that our customer service team meets our standards of White Glove Service and support.

Branden Anderson is the Director of Sales at Chosen Payments

Branden Anderson
VP of Sales

Branden manages our sales staff and actively participates in the management of the company by providing training, guidance and support of our sales team as well as facilitating daily sales meetings with the sales team.

Jim Luff is the Marketing Manager at Chosen Payments

Jim Luff
Marketing Manager

Jim is responsible for marketing management, public relations, corporate communications and the continued partnership between Chosen Payments and the vertical industries we serve. He represents the company at regional and national events and meetings.


Chosen Payments has been recognized as an industry leader. We have leveraged our reputation, values, and passion into creating a company that stands by what we say.


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