Accepting Credit Card Payments Without a Card Present

With a society on the go, many credit card transactions are completed without ever seeing your customer. Today’s busy customer wants to be able to shop online, place orders by phone or simply make a payment without mailing a check or leaving their house. You can provide convenience for your customers by offering methods to pay from where ever they happen to be at the moment they want to do business with you. This is important today because if they can’t do business with you without coming to see you, they are likely to find a competitor that offers such services. There are basically three methods you can use to collect money from your customers remotely.

The eCommerce Store

The easiest method for accepting cards that are not present is also the most complex. It’s called an eCommerce solution or store. With this method, you can sell your products and/or services using your website and an online purchase area commonly called a shopping cart. You can use software like WooCommerce or Shopify to build your own store or a credit card merchant services provider like Chosen Payments can build a system for you. Your POS software may also offer this service for your customers to place their own orders into your system. There are many options out there for offering this type of service. Find the one that works best for you. Customers completely self-serve with this option. This reduces your internal labor costs since they browse what you have to offer add the products or services they like to their cart, and checkout directly on your website. There are some security concerns associated with online stores, especially when it comes to PCI Compliance. Work with your credit card processor and software provider to determine the best way to set up your eCommerce solution.

A Payment Button

If you don’t need a full eCommerce store, you can add a simply button such as “Pay Here” or “Click to Pay”. The coding snippet is easy to add to your website and you shouldn’t need a web developer to do it. Chosen Payments can help you do this. When a customer clicks on the button they are taken to a secure page that’s not hosted on your own computer system. This helps you meet PCI compliance requirements as the payment information provided goes directly to the processor’s site. Having a button like this allows your customers to make payments anytime including when your business is closed. It’s a very simple solution for accepting credit cards.

Text to Pay

Let’s say you own a transmission repair shop. You’re all too familiar with the end of the day rush when everyone wants to pick-up their vehicles at the end of their workday but they still need to pay you.  Imagine if you offered a service that allowed them to skip standing in line to pay and just take off in their repaired vehicle. With a text to pay solution they can pay using their Smartphone.

When your customer’s car is ready you can send them a personalized payment link that allows them to review their invoice and pay it from wherever they happen to be. That’s one less person in your office tied up running a credit card payments. Your customers will love this. Of course your customers can also pay you using PayPal or Venmo as long as you set up an account with one or both.

No matter which option you think might be best for you, Chosen Payments can help you determine which solution would be best for your needs and help you navigate security and other concerns. Ask us about recurring credit card payments too if customers are making monthly payments to you.

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