All About PCI Compliance

Here at Chosen Payments, we receive many calls for assistance with PCI Compliance.  We understand how upsetting it can be to receive a $30 charge for being “out of compliance”.  In most cases, this happens when a merchant fails to complete on online Assessment test.  Once the test is completed, a “certificate of compliance” is issued and it is valid for one year.

Please keep in mind, neither the requirement to remain PCI compliant or the associated fees are generated by Chosen Payments.  We merely pass the assessment from the card issuers on to you as part of our management of merchant accounts.

While you might be upset about the non-compliance fee, it is not something we can simply make go-away.  No matter what company you process credit cards with, all Merchant Processors such as Chosen Payments are required to collect this fee.

So, what is a SAQ?  What is PCI Compliance?  The SAQ is a Self-Assessment Questionnaire that asks a series of questions to determine if the methods you use to obtain and store credit card data are secure.  For instance, one question asks if employees are allowed to write credit card numbers down on paper.  Of course, this would be a violation of the rules established by the issuing card companies such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  Writing down a credit card number certainly exposes the card to potential fraudulent use by anyone who were to happen upon it.

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