Can You Yelp Us Out? We Will Yelp You Out!

In this electronic era that we live in, it is becoming standard practice to find and read reviews before actually engaging in business. Back in another era, our parents and grandparents called the Better Business Bureau to inquire about the ethics of a business. While they still exist today and you can even go to their website to check on a business, Yelp set the standard for reviewing restaurants, they soon branched out to become the standard for reviews on almost anything from restaurants in Kalispell to jet-ski rentals in Cabo.


There are a ton of review sites out there. focuses primarily on the hotel industry but that doesn’t mean you can’t go there to look up a review about a limousine company as well. The two go hand in hand. Likewise, restaurants can also be found on since people staying in hotels generally go out to eat. Facebook reviews and Google+ run the gamut of allowing you to review anyone that has a website or Facebook page.


Negative reviews without a response from management imply to readers that you simply don’t care. Negative reviews can strongly dissuade a potential customer from doing business with you so they should be promptly addressed. There is nothing wrong with jumping in and thanking someone for a positive review either. Again, it shows that you care and that you are engaged in social media.


The most important fact often overlooked by business owners and managers is the effect reviews have on your organic search rankings. The more content there is about your business name on the internet, good or bad, the more relevant your business is to search engines. Having many reviews can improve your organic rankings. You should encourage all of your contacts to provide reviews about your business. It is very helpful not only in terms of improving your organic rankings but establishing that your business is a good company to do business with.


We believe in sharing our love. So, we ask you, will you take a moment today to Yelp us out? We would love to do the same for you. Teamwork makes winners.  Tell everyone that you are a Chosen One.

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