Capturing More Mobile Attention with Social Media

In today’s competitive market, it is essential that you up your game from a mobile perspective. An increasing number of people search for products, services, and businesses using mobile devices, so unless you use the right marketing strategies, you’ll be missing a huge opportunity.


A huge number of people interact with social media networks via mobile devices. By incorporating mobile marketing into your overall social media strategy, you’ll enhance your current online presence, via more new customers and stronger relationships with existing customers. Whether you’re a credit card processor or a merchant who depends on credit card processing, these methods are proven to work.


Customization for Mobile Users


Make sure your social media profiles are customized for mobile users. Although you may think your desktop platform translates seamlessly on Android, iOS, and other platforms, chances are it does not. From the user’s end, the format might be significantly distorted. Start by optimizing the mobile user’s experience so that ultimately, these individuals see an amazing profile layout and superior content that provides transparency into who you are and what your company offers.


Customization for Mobile Users Who Cannot Find Your Business


According to statistics, 75 percent of mobile searches results in customer activity. In fact, more than 50 percent of that activity occurs within one hour from the start of the search. Remember, people depend on social media for suggestions about businesses, based on location and need. For that reason, update your social media profiles regarding business type, location, price range for product/service, and hours of operation. As a result, more mobile users will find and connect with your company.


Customization for Everyday Use


The greatest volume of mobile searches using Google take place between 3:00 pm and midnight. By customizing your activity on social media to coordinate, you will begin to see more mobile user activity. A key marketing strategy involves offering something for a limited time during those hours, to prompt action.


Monitoring Engagement and Reaction


Thankfully, you have incredible options for monitoring trends on social media. Using various tools, you will know immediately when a comment is made about your business. You can also use Vine, Instagram, and other tools to capture images that promote mood and a sense of belonging that makes your product and/or service more familiar to your mobile user audience.


Reaching Out to Chosen Payments


You can accomplish many great things on your own, but because competition is high, and with so much at stake, you can help yourself by utilizing the services of a professional company like Chosen Payments. For all your marketing needs, as well as other services like e-commerce integration, online reporting, mobile applications, and much more, this company can help take your business to the next level of success.

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