Chargeback Assistance is Here!

Learning that a customer has filed a chargeback against your company is always disheartening. Whether the dollar amount is $1000 or $10,000, your hard-earned money is removed from your bank account without discussion until the situation is resolved. While your mind immediately begins thinking about the transaction in question, the customer involved and the loss of revenue, this should also put you in defensive mode.
We are here to help you with your chargeback defense. Our track record for helping our merchants win their money back is high. The one thing you do not want to do is to ignore a chargeback. Every chargeback against a merchant is considered a black mark against your business. If you receive too many, you can be blacklisted and unable to accept credit cards at all. Your response is an opportunity to tell your side of the story. Even if your explanation does not win the chargeback, it still shows that you are a responsible business owner who took the time to provide an explanation.
Chargebacks are generally initiated by one of three causes. Fraud, Friendly Fraud and Merchant error. Fraudulent transactions are hard to win. It is dependent upon you to verify who you are doing business with. You can learn more about protecting yourself from a chargeback HERE. Friendly Fraud cases can be won if it can be proven that it was indeed “friendly fraud”. Learn more about friendly fraud HERE. Merchant errors are the easiest to win as it usually just requires an explanation and some merchant training.
If you receive a chargeback notice, contact Chosen Payments at once for assistance by calling us at 855-4CHOSEN or send us an email to and include the chargeback notice and any supporting documentation you think might be relevant. A Chargeback Specialist will be assigned to help you gather all of the documentation needed for a response. In addition, we will help you draft a letter that clearly explains your position and why the chargeback should be found in your favor.
Check out these brief videos from two of our merchants who incurred a chargeback and how Chosen Payments helped them successfully win their money back:

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