Chosen Payments: Meet our Credit Card Processing Experts

Meet our expertsChosen PaymentsAt Chosen Payments, we take extreme pride in providing an array of critical services to various market niches, including uniform rental, ground transportation, jewelry, eye care professionals, pet care, home housewares, and more. We offer years of experience and in-depth knowledge specific to credit card processing, marketing, e-commerce integration, mobile applications, EMV® solutions, and online reporting.

Team Players

As a highly respected and trusted credit card processor, our staff is comprised of professionals who are dedicated to every client’s need.

  • Jeff Brodsly – Serving as president and CEO of Chosen Payments, Jeff brings extensive experience in merchant services to the table. Initially, Jeff worked as a salesperson on the merchant level. With hard work and determination, he moved his way up and is a respected leader.
  • Sarah VanBeek –  Sarah is the VIP Client Relationship Manager and Executive Admin to CEO and  brings years of industry experience to Chosen Payments. Starting off as a lower level sales agent, transforming into a sales manager and eventually participating in the operations side of things, Sarah has the ability to wear almost any hat in the merchant services industry.
  • Adam Yaras – Adam is the senior vice president of sales for Chosen Payments, working alongside Jeff Brodsly. In addition to using his solid background to incorporate proven sales and management initiatives, Adam oversees all of sales and marketing for the company and works to lead and mentor sales staff around the country.
  • Mike Hernandez – Mike is another key player within the Chosen Payments organization. As vice president of finance, he supports the executive team with his regional and national skills. After joining the company four years ago, Mike quickly moved into a leadership and advisory role.
  • Vincent Crivello – More commonly known as “Vinny,” he is the vice president of operations for Chosen Payments. With a decade of experience in merchant services, Vinny works with Tier 1 clients and travels the country educating merchants on how to grow a business through a Chosen Payments partnership.
  • Melanie Hart – Melanie’s position with Chosen Payments is director of operations. In this role, she oversees the entire operation of the company and provides superior customer support.

Notable Staff

Along with the executives mentioned, Chosen Payments depends heavily on the expertise of these staff members:

  • Jeff Hodlmair – Regional Vice President – Partner Chosen Payments Utah
  • Janice Evangelista – Regional Vice President, Sales
  • Zach Allen – Regional Vice President – Partner Chosen Payments Kansas City
  • Shira Alon – Finance Manager
  • Amy Robinson – National Sales Manager
  • Jorge Alvarez – Technical Support Supervisor
  • Michael Lepore – Business Development Manager
  • Cyrus (canine) – Data Breach Security