Chosen Payments Adopts Two Families For Christmas

Chosen Payments has long been committed to serving and participating in charity groups and activities.  This Christmas season we were honored to help two families have a Chosen Christmas with presents and a gift card to feed the whole family.

Our East Coast family consists of Eric and Heather and their three kids, Destiny (15), Melody (13) and Anthony (10).  This family has some tremendous financial struggles due to a chronic illness that Melody suffers from, Moebius syndrome, a rare neurological disorder characterized by weakness or paralysis of multiple cranial nerves.

This condition often puts Melody in the hospital for months at a time.  When Melody is in the hospital, Heather must stay with her.  Heather works as a caregiver for others as her career.  While her employer holds her job for her, she is unable to work and earn an income causing a strain.  Sarah McKee, Executive Assistant to Chosen Payments CEO, Jeff Brodsly heard about the plight of the family.  Upon learning of the family’s situation, Chosen Payments adopted the family and Jeff personally traveled to Michigan and met with the family to brighten up their Christmas.  Other people in their community came forward and made a mortgage payment for them.

Here is a paraphrased excerpt from Heather’s Facebook page:

For the past few months Eric and I have done everything we can to balance being parents, working, caring for our chronically ill girl, Melody, and our other two children Destiny and Anthony. We came to a point where we were not able to keep our heads above water.  We were for sure drowning. I asked some friends to help me come up with places to look for help. You name it, I called them. Every place I turned to turned me away. BUT, some put their heads together, talked to their bosses, churches and friends on Facebook.  All in all we are back to managing to stay afloat with bills, and my children are going to have an AMAZING Christmas. Christmas is all about spending time with our family and friends, and telling the stories to our children about why they have all these amazing gifts from people all over!

They know that others provided these things. They have learned in our time of stress, now and in the past, our friends, family, and strangers came together and loved us and supported us. They know there are amazing people in this world that care and don’t take for granted the fact that they are blessed with extra and want to share it with the less fortunate. My children have received everything they need and much more!! Thank you all so very much from the bottom of our hearts!! I hope one day to be in a better situation where I can pay it forward to others in need. Merry Christmas everyone!!! We are forever grateful!

Our West Coast family consists of a single mom, Lupe who is raising Jose (12), Miguel Angel (11) and Monica (8).  This Moorpark family was brought to our attention by The Boys and Girls Club after the father left the family and Lupe struggled to make ends meet.  There would have been no Christmas for this family this year under the circumstances.  They also experienced a Chosen Christmas that included a soccer ball and remote controlled car for Jose, a football and remote controlled truck for Miguel Angel and Monica received an Easy Bake Oven and Lego Dance Studio.  In addition, each child received a new pair of shoes and pants.  These practical gifts came from their wish list.  Chosen Payments also treated the family to a night at Red Lobster, their favorite restaurant.