Heading to Atlanta’s Gourmet Catalog Show

Chosen Payments heads off to Summer School in Atlanta

We are heading out on the road again….looking for America’s greatest Gourmet Catalog show! You will find us next week in Atlanta. Come by and see Jeff Brodsly, Sarah McKee and Michael Lepore. We will be waiting for you!  The Gourmet Catalog show is a premier cookware and kitchenware show.  Chosen Payments is proud to be hosting, “Party In The Kitchen” immediately following our presentation.  Stop by our table for a green screen photo and pickup a complimentary bottle of hand sanitizer.  We would love to see you.  If you aren’t a Chosen One yet, let us share with you how we can save you money.  We will also share with you our support services such as blog content, newsletter content, chargeback assistance, merchant loans and a suite of other services that take us far above the services provided by your average credit card processing company.  We are, Your Partners In Success.