Chosen Payments’ CEO joins First Data ISO Advisory Board

With great pride, Chosen Payments congratulates CEO Jeff Brodsly for his appointment to the First Data ISO Advisory Board. This board consists of an exclusive group of just 15 members selected from Independent Sales Organizations throughout the country.

The First Data Advisory Board members meet twice per year and participate as needed throughout the year to discuss various topics. The primary focus of this group is to consult with one another and provide feedback as it pertains to First Data’s current strategies and programs in place for its ISO channel.

“I am honored to have been invited to the First Data ISO Advisory Board; this will be my first year as a member of this board commencing the first meeting in June 2013. I look forward to participating and contributing my opinion to the existing strategies and values First Data has in place” states Jeff Brodsly. “It is not only something I am extremely proud of, being invited to the FD Advisory Board, but this also brings me great pleasure to know that Chosen Payments has had a positive enough impact on FD that they clearly value what we bring to the table” states Brodsly.

Founder and CEO of Chosen Payments Jeff Brodsly has created a company built for its staff and clients in which has catapulted into a leader and nationally recognized pioneer in the Industry. His nonstop motivation and drive to succeed allows his career, as well as those surrounding him, to continue to blossom while naturally being rewarded through this success.

About Chosen Payments
Chosen Payments was founded with the merchants in mind. We are dedicated towards making a difference in the payments processing industry by taking a partnership approach, providing personalized customer service, and cost effective solutions. Chosen Payments is not only a partner but a business consultant for merchants nationwide whom accept electronic payments. Our focus is on services such as credit card processing, check processing, gift/loyalty, ATM, merchant cash advance and mobile applications. Our footprint on the industry is being a “partner in success”. Naturally we look for ways to increase revenue by cutting expenses, using value added services, and by driving more success to our partners. We take pride in what we do and our focus is to minimize our mistakes. Visit for additional information or email

Source: The Green Sheet

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