Best Practices for Chargebacks and additional resources during COVID-19

March 26, 2020


We continue to receive updates on the global impact of the COVID-19 virus, and we’re committed to providing relevant updates as we receive them.



March 19, 2020

Dear Chosen Partners and Merchants,


On behalf of the Chosen Payments family and our parent company Aurora Payments, I hope our Chosen partners and your families are safe and doing the best you can under these unique circumstances that the world finds itself in.


The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts have been deep and wide and by all accounts, we are facing a significant challenge in the coming weeks and months. I am sure that each of you is following the developments and progression as it continues to change rapidly. Safety of our employees is our number one concern and to that end, Chosen Payments and Aurora have been working aggressively to outfit all of our employees with the work from home logistics he or she needs to continue to support our sales partners and merchants. Today, after conferring with our parent company Aurora, as well as the Board of Directors, we have made the decision that all Chosen Payments employees will be in mandated work from home mode until further notice beginning March 19, 2020.


We believe with the investments we have made our clients can expect Chosen to support your efforts with the same level of diligence and care we had when our California and Arizona offices are open. The methods you use today to connect with our service team will not change and you can connect with Chosen personnel in the same fashion you have become accustomed to.  We will continue to monitor developments around the coronavirus with an eye towards bringing our employees back to our headquarters as soon as possible.


We are in constant contact with our banks, card brands, processing platform partners, and technology partners assessing the impact on the Fintech industry. To keep our clients apprised of compelling news that we think would be insightful to our merchants and partners alike we have created a Coronavirus page on our homesite at .


We understand many are going through a time that would have been hard to anticipate and prepare for. Our goal at Chosen Payments, despite the adversity we face, is to be there for our clients who need us now arguably more than ever. We recognize that by processing with Chosen we have forged much more than just a ‘vendor’ relationship with many of our clients and partners- CHOSEN FAMILY are the words we all have become accustomed to. In such we will bond together during these times and support you in all ways possible. We will continue to be a trusted partner for you through hard work, dedication, collaboration and a commitment to our valued partners. My heart goes out to all of those impacted by the coronavirus, stay strong, we are in this with you.


Yours Truly,


Jeff Brodsly,
Chosen Payments


Brian Goudie
Aurora Payments




March 18, 2020


We are here to support your business in the current climate triggered by the Coronavirus.  Card issuers are being encouraged to have their cardholders contact merchants prior to initiating chargebacks, and we would like to recommend best practices around these requests.

  • A prompt response to customers for refunds and cancellations. 
  • Discuss and agree with cardholders, to accommodate rescheduling the delivery of goods or services purchased wherever possible.
  • Process refunds for customers who do not agree to reschedule where you are not able to fulfill goods or services.

Additional links and resources

Small Business Guidance from the US Small Business Administration –

Capital One FAQs for those impacted by Covid-19 –

Bank of America –

American Express –

Chase –

Citi –

US Bank –

Wells Fargo –


We’re here to support you through this difficult time.

Please reach out to


March 13, 2020

Communications and preparedness for COVID-19 

COVID-19 Update 

The Coronavirus situation continues to be one marked by the fluidity of information and many questions to be answered.  Aurora and Chosen Payments are monitoring the situation closely and will make the appropriate decisions with employee safety as our primary goal.  Our operations are based in Tempe, AZ and Moorpark, CA which provides us with redundancy in services at two locations.  In addition, two weeks ago we instructed our Senior Technology Officer to invest in and prepare the logistics necessary for key personnel to work from home should we be mandated to work from home or circumstances arise where it is in the best interests of our employees and clients for me to make the decision to mandate our team to work from home.  As of today, we are fully functional in both locations.  We will update as you as conditions or circumstances change.

We know this is a difficult time globally and here in the United States our history of being a strong and resilient population will be tested over the coming weeks and months.  Many of our small business clients are hurting as transaction volumes suffer.  We are monitoring our portfolios to ensure we have proper coverage for potential losses all the while trying to be as sensitive as we can in this time of need for our mutual clients.  You all have your own challenges locally with employees who have questions and sales agents who may see reductions in commissions in the coming months.  My Mom always told me when times were bad “Brian, this too shall pass” and Mom was inevitably right with her words of wisdom.  We will be in communication with you as things evolve.  We thank you all for your partnership and you and your families are in Aurora’s and Chosen Payment’s thoughts and prayers. 

Brian Goudie, Aurora CEO & Jeff Brodsly, Chosen Payments CEO




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