Does Your Credit Card Processor Help Your Business?

There are credit card processors and there is Chosen Payments, Your Partner in Success.  While most credit card processors simply process your transactions and take your money, Chosen Payments is committed to your success.  That means promoting your business, supporting your business and participating in the growth of your business.

We take our profits and reinvest them into the growth of your business.  Whether you operate a limousine company, a jewelry store, a hotel, a funeral home or another  type of business in our vertical specialties, you will find us supporting you by not only attending your trade shows – but sponsoring your trade shows.

You will find us walking the halls of your state capital as well as lobbying in Washington, DC for your industry to help make sure regulations and laws that apply to your business are fair and reasonable.

You will find us at your trade association meetings.  Whether you are a member of the Moving & Storage Industry or running a hotel, you have probably seen us at an industry association meeting providing an educational session on reducing fraud, getting the lowest processing rates or how to fight a chargeback and win.

We invested more than $10,000 developing an affiliate app that allows a limo company in Kalispell, Montana to quickly find a limo-bus in Bakersfield, California.  You can see how easy it is by clicking HERE.  Has your credit card processor made such a significant investment in your industry?

When we host our Legendary Parties at your trade shows, it isn’t because we just want to have one more party at a show.  We do it so we can spend time with you in a fun atmosphere and bring members of your industry together where new friendships and business relationships can be made.  We want to know our merchants on a personal level.  Does your credit card processor even have a face?  Do you have the name and number of a dedicated representative?  It costs us thousands of dollars to do these parties but we believe in getting to know each and every client in the limited niche markets we serve.

Two weeks from today, you will find Chosen Payments at the largest ground transportation conference in the world.  We are a general sponsor of the entire LCT Show.  We are an exclusive sponsor of a program called B4 Business Networking.  We are also a sponsor of the Annual Meeting of the National Limousine Association.  The NLA is the official association of the industry and we recognize the valuable role they play in the industry.  That is why we are a major sponsor of the NLA as well as sponsoring the show and annual meeting.

Ask yourself, when was the last time that you saw your credit card processor at an association meeting?  When was the last time they sponsored an association meeting?  If you don’t have a dedicated account rep, consider switching to a credit card processor that supports you and understands the needs of your unique industry.  We are asking for your support – you sure have ours.