Doing The Right Thing

How you treat your customers determines your long term relationship

Social media has expanded our sphere of influence and well as our ability to poll others about how they might handle a particular situation.  Whether it is a question about pricing or the return of an item or perhaps a service failure, we can ask hundreds if not thousands of peers for their advice.


That’s both good and bad.  The good part comes from getting lots of different opinions from lots of different people.  The bad news it, not all advice applies to all markets.  If you are asking someone if you should give a discount for a large volume order the advice you receive could be a suggestion for an actual price or for a percentage to be discounted from the normal price.  If you normally sell a product or service for $100 and someone says they would discount it down to $75, it may be okay for one market but too high or low for another market.


There could also be questions about how to resolve a situation and while social media is great for people to armchair quarterback your decisions, they don’t have the relationship with the customer that you do.  They don’t know how long the customer has doing business with you, how much volume they do per year, whether you are in the same service club together and other factors that play into decisions.


The bottom line in making decisions involving your customers should ultimately come from your heart.  You should treat your customers the exact same way you would wanted to be treated if the roles were reversed.  Take every difficult decision and remove yourself from the decision making process and ask yourself, “What would I expect”?  Whatever the answer is, offer it to your customer.  Good business is about doing the right thing.

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