Don’t Scrimp on Marketing Budgets in a Pandemic

The pandemic has certainly caused business owners to review their business practices, reduce expenses and pivot in new directions to remain profitable. The pandemic has been unpredictable with business shut-downs, supply chain problems, increased expenses while trying to comply with government orders and for most companies, a severe reduction in revenue. This has left companies scrambling to locate cash, using lines of credit and even using the resources of business owner’s personal assets.

If ever there was a time to market your business, the time is now. While you might cut expenses in other areas, you should never slash your marketing budget to the point that you become invisible to existing customers as well as potential new customers. You must look at the bigger picture and maintain an attitude of success. Here are five tips for marketing your company that simply cannot have a cash value placed upon them:

1. Top Three Search Engine Results

Being highly visible on Google these days is a key to survival. Showing up in one of the Top Three positions of a Google search gives you a distinct advantage. The biggest advantage is being exposed to people searching for your products or services. Whether you use Google AdWords or you achieve a spot in the Top Three from organic growth, you need to be in the Top Three and monitor it.

2. Maintaining a Positive Online Reputation

Having a positive image and reputation on social media, review platforms and your own website is of great importance. The use of reviews and testimonials within your posts certainly improves your image. It also gives others a chance to see what others have to say about your company. In a tight economy, people are more careful about how they spend their money and where they spend it. Having lots of positive online feedback can give your sales and marketing efforts a huge boost. Ask your customers to provide reviews for you.

3. Brand Identity

Brand identity is important to top-of-mind-awareness. When people hear the name of your company or see your logo, it should produce a positive thought. People should immediately know what it is you sell. They should feel good about doing business with your company. If you donate goods or services to nonprofits in your community, share that news in your posts. People like that. Having good brand identity can help boost interest in your ads, emails, and other business outreach attempts. If you have name brand recognition, customers and prospective customers are more likely to actually open your emails and take a second look at your ads. Most importantly, they will likely say “yes” to your special offers.

4. An Updated Email List

Email is the most cost-effective sales and marketing tool we have today. Collecting email addresses from customers, prospects, friends, family, vendors and even total strangers is the key to having your message spread far and wide. You can use lists of email addresses to set up segregated groups with different messages for each group. With a few clicks, you can reach hundreds or even thousands of buyers at once. You can even buy lists of a particular segment of people and send targeted campaigns to those you want to meet. Always provide a link on your website for people to sign up for your exclusive offers that a made only to those on your mailing list.

5. Get Experienced Marketing Advice and Strategy

Marketing advice is worth more than a fee. Find a person or company with marketing experience within your industry. Ask what their credentials are, what success they have had and how they came to specialize in your industry. With a professional marketing person or company guiding your campaigns in the right direction, you will increase sales and avoid common mistakes such as using the wrong keywords in a campaign or setting Pay Per Click rates that are unreasonably low and will never push your listing up to the Top Three positions.

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