eCommerce Done Right

eCommerce has become a vital component of doing business. People like the convenience of shopping online for many reasons. They don’t have to leave their house or office to get what they want.  They don’t have pesky sales people following them around the store and they can browse at their leisure and they can use a credit card to make their purchase. Simply launching an eCommerce shopping cart on your website won’t necessarily bring new customers in droves.  You must have a supporting sales strategy.

Here are four tips than can help you increase the use of eCommerce on your website.

#1 – Optimize Your Website

What does this mean? It means, your website should be as friendly and inviting as your store or physical business location. That means making sure people can easily find what they are looking for in an organized fashion and transactions can be made with ease. For instance, if you are a transportation company that performs airport transfers, you want that specific type of service to stick out and be simple to book a ride. The airport transfer rate should be clearly displayed. A “Book Now” button should be clearly visible and lead directly to a payment method to close the sale.

#2 – Support For eCommerce

One drawback to that pesky clerk following a potential customer is the fact that a customer can’t ask a website questions. Or, can they?  By adding a “Live Chat” feature, a potential customer can ask questions in a live mode and get the answers they seek before ditching your website and heading off to a competitor’s site.  This simple function added to your website can drastically increase your sales opportunities.

Friendly Home Pages

Just as someone has an impression when they walk in a brick and mortar business, they will form an impression based upon the first things they see on your website. Make sure your Home Page is easy to view without unnecessary clutter. Lay it out so that someone can easily click on a product or service you provide and be taken to further information about that product or service and ultimately be able to push a button that says, “Purchase Now” or something similar. If you have multiple products or services, always include a prominent search bar so that someone can type in a phrase and be directed to the part of the website that applies to their search. A phrase such as “Party Bus Rentals” should lead directly to a page that shows all the party bus options a limo company has to offer, the price, deposit requirements and any other information that might be relative to chartering a party bus.

The Checkout Process

Chosen Payments can help you streamline the checkout process. This is the most important part of the sales process. You don’t want someone to get frustrated at the process and bail out right in the middle of the sale. The processes that are best for today’s savvy consumer include having both a “guest purchaser” or a client login option to avoid having to re-enter all of their previously provided information to do business with you. You can make the login even easier by allowing clients to log in with their social media account such as Facebook. You can make it even simpler by adding a “progress indicator” such as Step #2 of 4. While this is optional, it sure makes your site a much friendlier place to visit.