Five Tips To Increase Website Sales


Are you ready to start getting more from your website and internet marketing campaigns?

Many business owners and managers talk about how much they embrace the web and strive to make the most out of online marketing opportunities.  However, many end up running the same type of promotions month after month, year after year.  If you want to shake things up a little, here are 5 tips to boost your profits using the internet:

#1 Target Marketing

A lot of businesses want to market to “everybody” when they should be aiming for a niche within their own specialty market. Try to narrow your focus – by geographical location, the type of customer you want, age range, income brackets and other demographic information that you determine is most likely to do business with you.  You will probably spend less money on things like advertising and promotion while increasing the odds that the customers you connect with will buy more and stay with you longer rather than just shooting blindly to see who bites.

#2 Convert More Website Visitors Into Leads

Attracting visitors to your website is always great, but it doesn’t mean much if the visitor doesn’t take any action except to stop by.  You need to turn those visitors into sales opportunities. Don’t just concentrate on improving your search engine rank or spend your money bidding for a better AdWords position. Use analytics to see what people are doing on your site.  What are they looking at?  Focus on improving your offers on those pages or sub-pages that are frequently visited.

#3 Improve and Maintain Your Online Reputation

More and more people are using review sites such as Yelp, Google+, and other such sites to look up your business and learned about your reputation before they do business with you.  This means that reviews, testimonials and other information which either builds your credibility or smears you will likely have an impact on their decision to do business with you. Make this year the year you do more to improve your online reputation and see what kind of effect that has on sales.  When someone issues a negative complaint about you, address it for the world to see be responding to it.  No response implies you simply don’t care.

#4 Use Low-Cost Tools Like E-Blast Newsletters

Blogs and newsletters devote most of their attention to search engine optimization, social media, and other topics that are more “exciting” for marketers. But, a good newsletter emailed to your client remains one of the lowest-cost and highest-profit channels a business can use to find and retain customers. Get good at email and you’ll have a constant source of new sales.  Add every single email you come across to your database.  You never know who will be your next customer.

#5 Engage Mobile Users

In the past couple of years, mobile web has gone from being a trend to the way we conduct business today.  More than half of all Internet usage this day is done on a smart phone or tablet. If your website campaign isn’t mobile-friendly and optimized for use on a mobile device you will miss out on multiple opportunities.  Google actually penalizes you and shoves you down in rankings if you don’t have a mobile optimized website.  That means less people will see you because you position will be Page Two.


Succeeding online is all about efficiency. By using these five tips, you will find the best customers for your business and turn more of them into sales.  You can communicate and reach them in ways that won’t break the bank. Put them to use and watch your online sales grow.