Four tips for cultivating your business

Growing your business is much like tending to a garden.  Underwater or overwater your plants and they will die.  Growing a business means tending to your clients and developing relationships with them rather than simply taking orders from them.  Here at Chosen Payments we strive to be your business partner.  We are not just your credit card processor but your partner in success.  We offer great programs like our Gift Card program.  We don’t just provide gift cards with your logo but ideas on how to use them in community charity events to maximize your exposure and benefit.

Here are four some simple tips to remind you how important relationships are:

Tip #1 – Once A Client – Always a Client
Sometimes we focus so hard on growing our business that we completely forget about our existing clients.  The cost of landing a new account is far more expensive than the cost of retaining one.  The only cost to maintaining a relationship is time.  Schedule a one hour block each week to call as many clients as you can.  Develop a system for calling every client several times a year.

Tip #2 – Set Internal Goals

Set these three monthly goals for yourself:

 #1 – Increase your total monthly orders over last month or the same month for last year if your business is seasonal.

 #2 – Count the number of orders from existing clients each month and compare them to last year’s orders.  Are you on track for exceeding last year’s orders?  If not, entice the client using past sales data.

 #3 – Set a goal for the number of new clients you plan to land at this month and monitor it.  Post the goal on a bulletin board and update it as you progress.

Tip #3 – Don’t Be Cheap
When spending money on marketing, don’t scrimp.  Anything you hand your client from a coffee mug to a proposal folder is a direct representation of your company.  Spend the money to buy quality products.  Pay for a quality artwork and production.  If you look cheap in a presentation it will appear you run a second-class operation.  Find other places to save money.

Tip #4 – Ask Clients How You Can Be Better

While talking to clients and perspective clients, be sure to ask questions about how you can be a better provider of service.  As questions about their business operations and goals and take note of areas you might be able to assist in while increasing your own sales.

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