Friday Fun Facts

Solar Powered Backpacks

A company called BirkSun has introduced a backpack that has solar panels on it. The panels collect light sources and convert the light to energy to recharge cell phones and other devices. The cost of the backpack is $249. You’ll never have to look for an outlet again.


Bad Form Walmart on a 9/11 Display

A Walmart store in Panama City, FL was forced to dismantle their stacks of Coca Cola set up to look like the World Trade Center Towers. The public denounced the display as disrespectful and took to social media to show the display and bash Walmart. Walmart did not apologize but dismantled the display and issued a statement of their “highest regard” of the national event.


Pokemon Go Takes It A Step Further for Safety

In realizing that people chasing Poke’ monsters are stepping out into the path of traffic, rear-ending other cars and stepping into potholes, the company will unveil a wearable device today. The device will connect with Bluetooth phones and vibrate and light up when a Pokestop or Pokemon pops up nearby. The device is made by Nintendo. Really?


When You Hate Living With Your Wife

John Ripple of Kansas City recently robbed a bank. The 70-year-old man didn’t even leave the bank with the money. After handing the teller a note demanding cash and claiming to have a gun, he sat down and waited for police. He told the officers he would rather be in jail than live another day with his wife and that is why he robbed the bank. Wow!