Friday Fun Facts

112 Akron Residents Die of Overdose

Since 2016 began, 112 people have died of heroin overdoses in Akron. The heroin is has been laced with fentanyl, the same drug that killed Prince. 40 percent of all overdoses in Ohio were caused by fentanyl in 2015.


Talk About Losing Your Lunch

Lisa Lobree was walking in Fairmount Park in Philadelphia when she heard rustling in the trees above her. She looked up and was promptly smacked in the face with a catfish that was more than a foot long. Seems a bird in the tree had snatched the fish out of the park’s lake and literally lost his lunch much to Lobree’s demise.


Samsung Galaxy Batteries So Hot They Explode

A 6-year-old boy was watching videos on a Galaxy Note 7 when the battery exploded burning his body. In another incident, Nathan Dornacher was charging his Galaxy Note 7 in his Jeep when his Jeep caught on fire and totally destroyed it. That’s hot!


Who Was That Masked Man?

On September 10th, more than a thousand people participated in a nude biking event around the city of Philadelphia. It seems that many of them opted to wear masks as they made the 12-mile ride around the city. Some opted to wear shoes as well. The modest ones wore only their underwear or used body paint and glitter to cover private parts.


Cargo Shorts Are Ugly But Here To Stay

According to Bloomberg News, by 2037 all shorts will be cargo shorts. Those ugly but practical shorts with side pockets along the legs currently generate $700 million annually.