Friday Fun Facts

Top 10 Fun Cities in America

#1 – Las Vegas

#2 – Orlando

#3 – Miami

#4 – New Orleans

#5 – Salt Lake City

#6 – Cincinnati

#7 – Fort Lauderdale

#8 – St. Louis

#9 – Atlanta

#10 – Scottsdale


Odd City Facts

  • Scottsdale, Arizona has more golf courses than any other city in America
  • Orlando has more restaurants than any other city
  • Santa Clarita, California has the least restaurants in a metropolitan city
  • Madison, Wis has the most park playgrounds of any city
  • San Francisco has more performing arts theaters per capita than any other city
  • Newark has the least amount of fitness centers per capita than any other city
  • Orlando has more bars in its city than any other city
  • Las Vegas has the most social clubs with 4,237 choices of clubs
  • Albuquerque has the cheapest average beer price with a 6-pack costing $6.65 on average
  • Corpus Christi holds the title of the cheapest seat in a movie theater averaging $8.47