Friday Fun Facts

Deputy Uses Taser On Woman Over Tea Argument

Stephanie Byron of Pensacola claims Deputy Michael Wohlers shot her in the chest at her workplace after the two of them argued earlier about sweet tea. He subsequently arrived at her office with an apology cake with the words, “I’m sorry I Tased you” written on it. This wasn’t enough to make her drop her lawsuit against him. That must have been some awesome sweet tea or horribly bad.


Plastic Eclipses Cash This Year

MarketWatch reports in 2016 consumers will spend $23.2 trillion on credit cards and 22.6 trillion in cash. This marks the first year that credit card spending tops cash spending.


Need to Pass A Kidney Stone?  Do It on a Rollercoaster!

A Michigan State University study indicates that you can effortlessly pass a kidney stone by riding a roller coaster. Your seat positioning is important. If you ride in the last seat on the coaster, there is a 63.89% you will pass the stone. In the front seat, your chances are reduced to 16.67%.


Jose Cuervo Files First Public Offering

The 250-year old brand is taking itself public on the Mexico Stock Exchange. The company hopes to raise $1 billion dollars in its initial offering. Sales have been sluggish. The company plans to transform the town of Tequila, Mexico into a Napa Valley-like destination. We can see a new destination for Spring Break 2017.