Friday Fun Facts

Thief Gets A Real Pot O’ Gold

A crook recently opened the unlocked door of an armored truck and grabbed a 5-gallon bucket. The bucket contained 86 pounds of gold worth $1.5 million. Joseph Morel, one of two guards working on the truck is worried about losing his job since he made five deliveries during that day where he left the door unlocked while making deliveries. For the thief, one out of five stops was a good one for him.

6 Hours: Engagement Proposal to Marriage

Alfred Duncan doesn’t mess around. He woke up his fiance’, Sherrell Woodward on Saturday morning by proposing. The rest of the day was all planned out with a beauty make-over and more. Six hours later, the couple said, “I do” and they went to bed married that night. Talk about a stress free wedding.

Imagine C-SPAN Giving Your Cell Phone Number Out on TV

Tripp Diaz’ cell phone number was inadvertently given out by C-SPAN during a recent presidential debate. The network asked people to express their opinions of the debate by text. The 26 year-old Virginia woman received 13,000 text messages and 600 phone calls. Talk about people “blowing up your phone”. Wow!

Luke Cages Breaks Netflix

Luke Cage, the latest Marvel series super-hero show was launched by Netflix on a Friday and so many people were binge watching the new series on Saturday that the streaming network crashed.  By late Saturday afternoon, the real cape wearing heroes in the tech department of Netflix had fixed the problem and the streaming series was back on the air.