Friday Fun Facts

Holiday Weight Gain

It’s nearly here! The holiday season that helps American’s pack on an average of 1.3 pounds per person according to the New England Journal of Medicine. Germans pack on an average of 1.75 extra pounds per person during the holiday season according to the report. Can you pass the potatoes please and one of those turkey drumsticks!


Want To Hold Your Newborn Baby?  That’s Going To Cost You

Ryan Grassley says he was charged $39.35 by a Utah hospital after is wife gave birth. The amount was included in his $13,000 delivery bill.  The nurse who facilitated the action even borrowed Ryan’s camera to snap a photo. We’re surprised there wasn’t a photographer fee added to the bill. Wow!


The Convenience of ATM’s – Not So Convenient For Your Wallet

The average cost of using an ATM out of your network is now $4.57 per transaction. San Francisco and Los Angeles have the lowest fees while Phoenix and Atlanta have the highest fees. Just say no to surcharges and go to your own bank.


Lots of Evil Clowns For Halloween

Clown mask sales are up 300% this year according to Halloween Express, a costume chain. In the Top 10, eight of them are “evil” masks. So much for happy clowns. It seems that America wants evil clowns. Be on the lookout ten days from today for an evil clown near you.


Those Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s Are Still Hot

We’re not talking popular hot. We’re talking about the replacements for recalled phones that reportedly exploded and caught fire. A Southwest Airlines flight had to evacuate in Louisville after the phone began popping and smoking before the plane departed. That’s hot!