Microsoft Launches Pot Management Software

The technology giant recently announced a partnership with KIND Financial to provide “seed to sale” software to help manage cannabis commerce and distribution.  Legalized marijuana in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington state and Washington D.C. are projected to achieve combined sales of $6.7 BILLION dollars in 2016.

 Republican National Convention to Feature Nude Women

Artist Spencer Tunick put out a call last month for 1600 women to protest against Donald Trump at the RNC.  The connection between nude women and Donald Trump has not been made clear.  However, there are no more spots available as more than enough women have agreed to come out and pose nude holding a hand-mirror.  Why?

The Devil Went Down To Georgia

He was looking for some beer to steal.  When he came upon two refrigerated trucks holding 78,500 bottles of beer owned by the SweetWater Brewing Co.  The craft beer brewery later recovered about a quarter of their loss after police located the emptied trucks near a warehouse holding the loot.

How Addicted Are We to the Internet?

Americans use 70 billion kilo-watt hours on the internet.  One kWh is enough to power a smartphone for a year.  A kWh costs roughly a dime so we are spending $7 billion a year on electricity.  That is about 10.5 hours a day for the average American and1.5 of those hours are done on a smartphone.  Remember when we used to drive to Blockbuster, use telephone books, talk on the phone, use dictionaries and encyclopedias and stuff like that?