Friday Fun Facts

Deion Sanders Played in Super Bowl & World Series

Sanders is the only athlete to have played in dual sports champion games. He played in the Super Bowl of 1995 and again in 1996 for the 49ers and Cowboys respectively. He played the World Series in 1990 for the Atlanta Braves. He is now an analyst for CBS Sports.


Fastest Run Across America

Pete Kostelnick, 29, has set a world record for the fastest run across America. The 3,067 mile race from San Francisco to New York took 42 days, 6 hours and 30 minutes to complete. He averaged more than 72 miles each day. After finishing the race, Pete said, “I need a beer and my wife”.


Toddlers Survive 100-foot Fall From a Bridge

Call it a miracle. Nothing else can explain how two toddlers ages 1 and 3 survived a 100 foot plunge off a new Jersey bridge. Their father intentionally jumped off the bridge during a fight with his wife while holding the babies. The children sustained no life threatening injuries. Their father was killed in the fall.


Samsung Just Gets Hotter and Hotter!

We are now learning that the Galaxy S7 Edge phones are also catching on fire. One man says his phone caught fire in his car while driving home from work and in another instance a man reports his phone caught on fire while charging on his nightstand. An Ohio man said his caught on fire while in his shirt pocket. While these reports are unsubstantiated by Samsung, an investigation might be warranted. Samsung is a hot topic lately.