Friday Fun Facts

Big Mac vs. Little Mac

The Big Mac, a staple of McDonald’s since 1967 is about to have a makeover.  In its current version, the burger is roughly 1/8th of a pound of meat.  Beginning in 2017 you can order a Mac Jr. or a Grand Mac.  The Grand Mac will feature two 1/3 pound meat patties served on larger buns.  Apparently, size does matter!


Before You Fire Someone – THINK!

Darren Walp, 36 received a text message from his boss that he was fired – effective immediately.  The only problem with the timing was that Walp was on the job driving a load of corn from Nebraska to Kansas when he got the message.  He promptly got out of the truck and dumped the 1000 bushels of corn on the road worth about $3,000.



Turkey Stats

Last week was Thanksgiving.  We consumed 46 million turkeys.  We spent $670 million buying them.  The average cost to serve ten people a full Thanksgiving meal this year was $50.11.  Butterball turkey phone specialists answered more than 100,000 calls with questions about cooking a turkey.  Oh, yes, we ate about 4500 calories each on Thanksgiving on average.


Thanksgiving and Football

Ah….the two go hand-in-hand.  The Lions sold out their game with 26,000 fans spending Thanksgiving at the stadium.  More than 85 million people watched a game.  The Cowboys have played every single Thanksgiving since 1966 (except for 1975 & 1975).