Friday Fun Facts

Married At The Grocery Store

There are all sorts of strange places to get married.  The grocery store just might be one of the weirdest places we have heard of.  However, it was at the grocery store where Larry Tinson first met Mary. He had just returned home from Afghanistan and stopped in for cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving.  The rest is history.


Look Who’s Turning 117!

Emma Morano of Italy is the oldest person on the planet.  She turned 117 years old on November 29th.  She is currently the ONLY living person born in the 1800’s.  Morano has never been married and eats three raw eggs every day.  She attributes these things to her long life.

Maybe there is something to remaining single.  We’ll pass on the raw eggs though.


Creator of Big Mac Dies

We recently shared with you about when the Big Mac was created.  We are sad to report the creator, Michael “Jim” Delligatti, a McDonald’s franchisee passed away on 11/28/16.  He was 98 years old.  The Big Mac was first introduced in Uniontown, PA and later adopted by the McDonald’s chain.


You Get Off The Road – We’ll Give You Noodles

Police in Japan are giving elderly drivers in Japan coupons for ramen noodles if they surrender their driver’s license.  There has been a dramatic increase in accidents involving drivers over the age of 75.  Over the past decade, the number of accidents involving elderly drivers has jumped from 7.4% to 12.8%.