Friday Fun Facts

In A Hurry?  Use The Emergency Exit

Don’t you hate being stuck on a plane waiting for all those people ahead of you to get off the plane?  An unidentified woman just couldn’t wait to get off a United Airlines plane when it landed in Houston.  She simply popped open the emergency exit over the wing, stepped out, jumped off the wing and ran to the terminal.  It was all caught on video by many people from many angles.  She must have been in some hurry.  Oh, by the way, she is currently undergoing a psych evaluation.


Single?  The U.S. Population is 45% Single! 

There are approximately 109 million single people in America.  If you’re single and looking, that’s good news for you.  However, your chances of a love connection are based on where you live.  The three best cities for dating are San Francisco, Orlando, Seattle.  The worst is Brownsville, Texas.  If you are in Vancouver, WA, you are right in the middle.  Sleepless in Seattle?  Grab a date!


Don’t Hand Your Phone to Strangers!

Pastor Tim Gautreaux and his wife went to buy a new car at a dealership.  They had been pre-approved for financing by Capital One.  The salesman at the dealership said he needed to show his boss the app and the approval letter.  He took the pastor’s phone for five minutes.  Apparently the pastor has some rather racey photos of his wife on his phone.  They later showed up on a swingers website.  The salesman was arrested and prosecuted for stealing the saucy photos.

This shows you that even pastors can get a little kinky in their bedroom.