Friday Fun Facts

Shaving Down There Increases STI Risk

A study by the University of California – San Francisco has revealed that people who groom themselves below the belt are far more likely to develop a sexually transmitted infection.  More than two out of three women have adopted the “bare” look as standard.  66% of men groom while 84% of females groom.  An average of 16% run the natural look.  Apparently those are the safest people.  A bigger concern is, who thinks of these studies and why did 7,580 people participate in it?


Starbucks Adds Pizza to the Line-Up

Starbucks announced they will open a new type of store called Starbucks Reserve where you can grab a pizza and a $10 cup of Joe.  The stores will make their debut in Starbuck’s hometown of Seattle and also in West Loop, IL.  The chain plans to open about 1000 of these specialized stores.


Overpaid Actors

We all know that stars command huge salaries to go with their huge egos.  Forbes Magazine has released its annual list of overpaid actors.  Johnny Depp tops the list two years in a row.  The list works like this:  Take how much an actor was paid to make a movie and factor it with how much the movie made.  For instance, for every dollar Depp was paid, a profit of $2.80 was made.  Compare this to Bradley Cooper who brings in a profit of $12.80 for every $1 he earns, coming in at #10 on the list.