Friday Fun Facts

South Carolina Bill Adds $20 Tax For Watching Porn

Well, not exactly.  The new law would force computer sellers to include porn blocking technology.  Failure to include the blocker would result in the computer store being fined.  However, the end user can pay a $20 fee to the Attorney General’s office to have the blocker removed.  Sounds like a porn tax to us.


18-Year-Old Girl Surfs for 2000 Days In A Row

Meg Roh began practicing for a surf competition on June 1st of 2011.  The competition is long past and she didn’t win but decided to keep surfing every single day since she began practicing.  She has not stopped since.  She’s surfed while sick.  She’s surfed in the rain, hail and thunder.  Living in Orange County, California must help.


Pinball Now Legal in Kokomo After 61-year old ban

Mayor Greg Goodnight signed a new law recently that repealed a 61-year-old law that prohibited playing pinball within the city limits.  One can only imagine how or why that law was passed.  It is such a dangerous “sport”.


Care For Metal Shavings In Your Food?

Cuisinart is recalling 8 million food processors after 69 complaints of broken metal shards showing up in food.  Of the 69 complaints, 30 including reports of cuts in the mouth or serious tooth injuries.  The processors were sold from 1996 to 2015 with the same blade.  Go check yours now.


Static Cling Tip      

If you have static cling, rub yourself and/or your clothes with a dryer sheet to eliminate the static.   No one likes clingy people.