Friday Fun Facts

West Virginia Addicted to Opiates

It would appear that way.  From 2007 to 2012, 555,808,292 doses of hydrocodone and 224,260,980 doses of oxycodone were delivered to West Virginians.  That’s 433 pills for every single person in the state.  1,728 fatally overdosed on them.  Wow!


Baby It’s Cold Outside

New York saw temperatures plunge to 5 degrees during the holiday season.  It was so cold that a car froze over forcing New York cops to bust the windows out as it appeared the driver froze to death in the driver’s seat.  When “rescued”, the woman turned out to be a CPR mannequin.  Say what?


Uber Rolls Out Self-Driving Cars in San Francisco

Last month Uber launched self-driving cars in San Francisco.  This is the second city to be served by Uber’s self-driving cars.  Customers who order an Uber-X car will be notified in advance that the car on the way is self-driving.  They will have the option to cancel the order and request one driven by a human if they want.  It must be noted that a human driver is also included in self-driving cars but they are just along for the ride and would only take over in an emergency.


Do You Need A Really Big Bow?

If you have ever wondered where Lexus and other car manufacturers find those big bows for their commercials, look no more.  The company is called  According to owner Jan Kingaard, “Once you put a bow on it, it’s a present”.  She also makes bows for BMW, Ferrari, Ford as well as grand openings and other events.