Did You Miss Nude Recreation Week?

Last weekend the Shangri La Ranch resort in Phoenix celebrated Nude Recreation week with a host of lawn games and a triathlon.  Fortunately, bike riding was not included.  The event also included nude Karaoke and nude dancing.  We are assuming there was no slow dancing allowed.


Hooters Sponsors Boy Scout Camp – Parents Angry – Scouts Thrilled

A Denver Boy Scout camp was sponsored by Hooters, the restaurant known for its sexy server uniforms of bright orange, short-shorts and thin white tank tops.  The camp was for Cub Scouts in the age range of 7 to 9.  Parents learned about it when they picked their kids up at the conclusion of camp.  The Hooters girls were seeing the boys off.  There were some angry mamas.  The kids? They were really sad camp was over.


New Hot Dog Eating Record!

Joey Chestnut set a new record at the annual 4th of July Hot Dog Eating contest held in Coney Island, NY by Nathan’s Hot Dogs.  Chestnut wolfed down 70 dogs in ten minutes.  That’s seven dogs a minute folks or about one every ten seconds.  That breaks the record by 17 dogs.  This is done with a bun!


Bald Eagle Claims Freedom On 4th of July

While it was only temporary, a bald eagle, the symbol of American freedom was released inside Dodger stadium as part of the 4th of July celebrations.  Rather than return back to his handler as he was supposed to, he soared right out of the arena and into freedom.  He eventually returned and was taken home to the Los Angeles Zoo where he lives.