Friday Fun Facts

Baby It Was Cold Outside

Last week we shared a story with you about New York temperatures plunging to 5 degrees and a car froze over forcing New York cops to bust the windows out as it appeared the driver froze to death in the driver’s seat.  When “rescued”, the woman turned out to be a CPR mannequin.  The owner of the car (and the mannequin) was furious that cops broke his window out.  They told him that if he left his mannequin in the driver seat of his car again in a blizzard that they would break the window again.  The owner sells CPR mannequins as a salesman.


Singing The Wrong Song Verse

Worshippers at a church in Sri Lanka were given the lyrics of Hail Mary to sing during church service.  The lyrics were from Tupac’s rap song, Hail Mary and contained references to female genitalia and the “N” word rather than the traditional Hail Mary song which says, “full of grace, the Lord is with thee.  Oopsie.  Father Da Silva apologized stating that he asked a “young boy” to create the service booklet and he Googled the wrong Hail Mary.  Or, did he?


Arizona Waitress Gets The Tip Of A Lifetime

Sarah Clark was working her normal shift slinging food.  She is 9-months pregnant and will not be paid for her upcoming time off.  A customer left her a $900 tip with a note that said, “This is God’s money.  He gave it to us so that we could give it to you”.  There was no other explanation for the generosity.  Not too shabby for a day’s work.


McDonald’s Extra Value Meal – Not Such A Value

If you bought two cheeseburgers, a medium fry and a drink it would be $5.90.  Buy the same items in an “Extra Value Meal” and pay .41 more!

James Gertie of Chicago is suing McDonald’s for this injustice.  He seeks Class Action status so others may receive refunds as well.