Friday Fun Facts

Best and Worst Movie of 2016

In terms of profitability, the worst movie to debut in 2016 was “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk”.  It cost $40 million to make but only brought in $26.2 million.  Oops!  The best movie was Deadpool with a gross earnings of $782.6 million against a production cost of $58 million. We’ll do the math for you.  That’s a profit of $724.6 million.


Ikea Sleepovers Are NOT Okay With Ikea

There is a strange trend going happening on social media.  After two Swedish teens posted their escapade of spending the night in an Ikea store, the event became known as a “pass-along prank”.  The two spent the night sleeping on the display beds and posting it on social media.  Since then, the prank has been repeated in Australia, America and Japan.  Ikea says, it is not okay with them and they may prosecute.


McDonald’s Opens At The Vatican

Some are “Lovin’ It” and some are hating it.  McDonald’s has opened a location 100 yards from the Pope’s home.  The Vatican is upset it was not consulted before this happened but who knows, maybe the Pope likes Big Macs.


Las Vegas Clean-Up Aftermath

It has been one month since 330,000 people crowded the Las Vegas strip to bring in 2017.  All of the beer bottles, streamers and confetti have been carted off at a cost of $180,000.  The trash weighed 14 tons!