Friday Fun Facts

McDonald’s Sued Again Over Extra Value Meal

It seems the Cheeseburger Extra Value Meal isn’t the only overpriced value meal as we recently reported.  Kelly Killeen is suing McDonald’s over 11 cents.  When buying (2) burritos, hash browns and a medium coffee, the total is $4.97.  In a “value meal” it is $5.09.  Really?  Sounds like a good value to us either way.


Teen Ordered by Cop to Give Him 200 Push-Ups

When Officer Eric Bell found a teen smoking pot outside of a movie theater in Arlington, Texas, he ordered him to the ground – to do pushups.  200 of them to be exact.  That’s street justice.  Rather than give him a citation or take him to jail, punishment was issued on the spot.  Now, that’s community policing at its finest.


Teddy Bear Reunited with Owner by Social Media

When the shooting erupted at Ft. Lauderdale Airport, Courtney Gelinas tossed Rufus the teddy bear to flee with her family.  Her grandfather gave Rufus to her shortly before dying 10 years ago.  She was heartbroken.  Her mom took to social media with photos of Rufus and he was reunited with Courtney.


Farewell Shamu

Sea World completed their final whale show on last month.  The original Shamu made her debut on 01/05/66 at Sea World in San Diego.  After mounting pressure to cease the shows, Sea World ended the show with their 11 killer whales taking their final curtain call on 01/08/16 – 50 years later.  It was a good ride for many trainers and at times harrowing and deadly for them.