Friday Fun Facts

The Post Office Delivered A Baby

When Vanessa and Dennis were on their way to the hospital, they knew they wouldn’t make it.  They pulled in to the Post Office and called 911.  Officers Enderlin and Hustad from the San Diego PD, arrived moments later and delivered the baby at the post office.  Officer Enderlin then drove their car to the hospital following the ambulance.

That’s customer service San Diego Police.


Ikea Opens A Really Big, Big, Big Store!

We mean, really big.  The Burbank, CA store is the size of eight football fields.  Nineteen buildings were demolished the make way for the gigantic footprint.  There are 600 seats in the in-store restaurant.  You know you are bound to get hungry in a place so big.  There are 30 check-out lanes and 1700 parking spaces.  Maybe they have a GPS app so you don’t get lost in the store.


Literally Working Someone To Death

A tragic story comes from Fayette, MO where 21 year old manager Harley Branham consistently forced a 17 year-old boy to do work such as cleaning the floor while on his belly.  She also threw a cheeseburger in his face when he made it wrong.  The bullied teen became so distraught that he took his own life according to a coroner’s report.  Branham has been charged with involuntary manslaughter and listed as the primary cause of death.  #stopbullying


American Airlines – Something Special In The Air

Something like 31 pounds of cocaine!  A technician working on an American Airlines aircraft was a little surprised to find cocaine stuffed into the nose cone of the plane.  The seven bricks of cocaine had a street value of $200,000!  Somebody is going to be in really big trouble.