Friday Fun Facts

America Loves Chicken

American’s will eat an average of 91.7 pounds of chicken in 2017.  There are five main processors in the world including Tyson and Sanderson Farms who buy chickens from small farmers around the nation.  Chicken can be fried, roasted, braised, baked, BBQ’d, boiled, broiled or you can sauté it.  No wonder it is so popular.  It’s quite versatile.


Church Congregation Served Cookies Laced With Marijuana

A 74 year old man baked cookies for his church.  It seems like such a sweet gesture.  However, rather than being sweet, parishioners said they were really salty.  Then, they got really high and began reporting to the local ER.  Their source of illness was traced back to Mr. Jones and his cookie.  Police searched his home and found a vial of hash oil which had become an extra ingredient in his cookies.  The congregation seemed just a bit happier than normal that day.


Valentine’s Day Stats Are In

American’s spent 18.2 BILLION dollars on their sweethearts.  3.8 billion of that money was spent on meals.  On average, those who dined out spent an average of $73.68 per couple.  The rest of the money was presumably spent on greeting cards, chocolates and teddy bears.


Heineken’s Rebel Move Cost $30,000

Heineken Beer launched an online campaign to get people to register their contact information on the Heineken website in exchange for a free beer.  The Department of Alcoholic Beverage control told them it was illegal and to stop.  Heineken carried on with the campaign anyway and was fined $30,000 for being a rebel with a cause.