Friday Fun Facts

Oreo Does It Again With Peeps Oreos

The beloved Oreo cookie first introduced as chocolate cookies with a cream filling has added yet another version to their product line up just in time for Easter.  Peeps Oreos!  Yes, filled with that sugary, pink marshmallow substance that we love to eat at Easter.  The Peeps are nestled in between vanilla cookies.


NASA Solves Astronaut Poop Issues

You’ve wondered about.  We all have.  In zero gravity, in space for a long time, astronauts have to poop and pee.  Females deal with menstrual issues as well.  NASA implemented a contest to find ways to dispose of such matters.  $30,000 was awarded to the three best ideas out of 19,000 submissions.  A medical doctor invented a crotch airlock system that opens to insert inflatable bed pans and catheters.  Eew!


What Exactly Is A McNugget?

Trent University conducted a study of the chicken served by fast food restaurants including McDonald’s, Wendy’s, A & W, Tim Horton’s and Subway.  This may come as a shocker….the “chicken” was 85% to 90% chicken except for Subway.  The “chicken” from Subway is 53.6% chicken.  As for the remainder of the contents, well, it’s soy!


Politicians Get Cool Gifts

We all know that politicians get greased all the time.  Just what exactly do they get?  California State Senator, Kevin DeLeon from Los Angeles reported he accepted gifts valued at $60,000 in 2016.  This included travel expenses to Mexico, Morocco and Puerto Rico.  His cheapest gift was a $50 cigar from the Sacramento County Labor Council.  He also received $3100 for “golf expenses”.  Must be nice.