Friday Fun Facts

Mouse On Plane Delays Flight

We all know they made a movie about snakes on a plane.  A British Airways jet was delayed in departure because a mouse was seen on the jet prior to take off and escaped several attempts to catch it.  Passengers were moved to another plane and finally departed FOUR HOURS late!  According to crew members, the problem was the mouse didn’t have a passport to enter the United States.


Do People Really Pee In The Pool?

They sure do!  A lot!  A Canadian research team analyzed 33 public swimming pools and hot tubs to determine just how much urine was found in the water.  In a pool with 220,000 gallons of water, 20 of those gallons were pee.  In a pool with 110,000 gallons of water, 7.92 gallons of pee were detected.  Out of the 33 pools or hot tubs tested, every single one had pee in it!


Bucket List Dream Fulfilled When 99 Year-Old Is “Arrested”

We all have a bucket list.  Ride in a helicopter, see the Eiffel Tower, climb Mt. Everest or meet the Pope.  99 year-old Annie wanted to experience being placed in a cell.  Her niece arranged an “arrest” including handcuffs, transportation and a lock-up.  She was later released on her own recognizance according to CNN.


Blanket Issue Delays Flight

In another bizarre flight delay, a plane traveling from Las Vegas to Hawaii diverted to LAX after a 66 year-old man made a scene over the $12 cost of a blanket.  He argued that he should not have to pay for a blanket when it was so cold.  He was ejected at LAX and flew on another airline.  The diversion cost the airline $12,000.  Hopefully the other airline had free blankets.