Friday Fun Facts

When The Escape Artist Can’t Escape

Magician Criss Angel was bound in a straightjacket and dangling upside down by his ankles just 10 minutes into his Las Vegas Mindfreak Live Show.  He couldn’t get himself out.  After two minutes of struggling to get out and appearing unconscious, the curtains were closed at the Luxor Hotel venue and Angel was rushed to the hospital.


Run Grandma…..Run! A Triple Seven Success

A 70-year-old woman recently fulfilled a dream to run in seven marathons in seven days on seven continents.  Chau Smith ran marathons in Perth, Australia; Singapore; Cairo; Amsterdam; Garden City, NY; Puenta Arenas, Chile and Antarctica.  That schedule had her running 26.2 miles, jumping on a plane, sleeping and repeating the process.  We’re exhausted just reading about it


Happy Birthday Internet. 

It’s hard to believe that the Internet, now known as the internet (without a capital I) turned 28 years old this month.  The brainchild of Tim Berners-Lee was officially launched in March of 1989 as the Worldwide Web or “www”. It changed how we communicate, how we transact business, how we socialize, how we research and how businesses advertise.