Friday Fun Facts

300 New Words Like “Hangry” added to English Language has recognized “hangry” as an official word of the English language.  If you didn’t know, that’s when you are so hungry that you become angry.  Other words include dabbing, lightsaber, man bun, mic drop, sext, smackdown and struggle bus.

Payless Shoes Headed For Death

The beloved place to grab a pair of cheap shoes seems to be in trouble.  The company is closing 400 stores as it struggles to stay afloat.  The company also filed for bankruptcy.  Is this another casualty of online sales forcing a brick and mortar out of business?

Even Online Entities Die – Farewell Yahoo!

Yahoo’s transfer of assets to Verizon closes the book on an original Silicon Valley start-up.  The core assets sold off include one of the original search engines to hit the market, their email system and content sites.  Verizon also took over AOL, another relic from the 90’s.  The CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer needs a job if anyone is hiring.

April Is National Distracted Driving Month

In 5 seconds, traveling at 60 mph, you will travel the length of five football fields.  That’s about how long it takes to compose and send an average text.  In a recent crash in Texas, a driver admitted to texting as he crossed a center line and crashed head-on into a church bus killing 13 people.  Please don’t text and drive!

Forget About Working From Home – Work From A Restaurant is a chain of five restaurants in New York marketing to people who need a cozy place to work from when their home office is too noisy.  They offer dim lighting, dark oak tables, wi-fi and a server to fetch you coffee, tea or food anytime you need it.