Friday Fun Facts

Avoid Getting Bloodied By An Airline – Negotiate

It’s old news now. A passenger refused to give up his seat on United Airlines and was beat up, bloodied and disgraced. Yet, Laura Bloom had 3 tickets to fly on Delta and was asked to take a later flight and negotiated with the airline for $1,350 per seats given up. The next day, the same thing happened. And, it happened a THIRD time. Altogether, Bloom netted over $11,000 for giving up her three seats. Even so, we suspect the bloodied United Airlines passenger will get much, much more than $11,000.


Just How Many Items Does Walmart Sell?

It seems like you can get just about anything at Walmart. A typical Walmart Supercenter carries about 120,000 different items. But, if you can’t find it at your neighborhood Walmart, chances are, they have it online. The online “virtual store” carries 35 million items.


The Measles Are Gone!

The World Healthcare Organization has declared that the measles have been eliminated completely. Through decades of mass vaccinations, there has been not one single case of the measles         reported in the past year. Before the vaccination to eradicate measles, 101,800 people died between 1971 and 1979. It was responsible for the death of 2.6 million people before being wiped out.


The Vatican Opens Free Laundromat

Pope Francis wants people to have clean clothes. Well, that’s the message we got when he opened a free laundromat in Rome. This supplements a free shower facility he previously opened. He also plans to add a barbershop and medical clinic next to the Vatican. He apparently wants people looking good, smelling clean and being healthy.