Friday Fun Facts

Weekend Trips Home for Trump Cost Us $3 million

Each time President Trump goes home to Florida for the weekend, it costs taxpayers about $3 million in travel expenses and security. To put this in perspective, The Obamas spent $97 million total or about $12.1 million per year. Trump has cost us $24 million so far. This doesn’t include about $140,000 per day spent protecting Trump Tower, the official residence of Mrs. Trump and their son.

Dead Bat Found In Salad Package

Maybe it was added for extra protein. The bat was found in a package of Fresh Express Organic Spring Mix. That’s organic alright! The bat was sent to the Center for Disease Control to check it for rabies.  We are not sure why since it was dead. Perhaps if it had been cooked it would have been more appealing.

Food Soon To Be Extinct – Oranges, Chocolate and Coffee

Yikes, coffee? What will happen to Starbucks? Business Insider Magazine reports that many beloved foods such as oranges, chocolate and coffee may not be around much longer due to climate changes, drought and agriculture difficulties. Coffee is projected to be extinct by 2080. Even worse, fish will be extinct by 2050 because we catch and eat them faster than they can reproduce. Peanuts, bananas, maple syrup and honey may also be extinct.

8 year-old boy takes 4 year-old sister to McDonald’s in Dad’s Van

An 8 year-old boy drove his dad’s work van to McDonald’s with his 4 year-old sister while dad slept. The boy took the van through the drive-thru and paid with piggybank money. When police arrived after numerous calls from motorists, the boy said he learned to drive watching Youtube. This occurred in East Palestine, Ohio.  Police Officer Jacob Koehler said the boy followed all traffic laws.