Friday Fun Facts

High School Newspaper Story Exposes Untruthful Principal

Pittsburgh Community Schools hired a new principal.  It seemed fair to interview her for a school newspaper article. As part of journalism classes, students are taught to fact check. Oops!  Seems the principal overstated her degrees, claimed she had degrees from colleges that offered no such programs and a host of other lies. Amy Robertson was promptly fired as a result of the article.

8,000 Uber and Lyft Drivers Fail Background Check

Massachusetts is one of the first states to require ride-share drivers like Uber and Lyft to have background checks as taxi drivers and limousine operators are required to do. More than 8,000 drivers failed the background checks. That’s more than 10% of their total driver pool in Massachusetts. Rejections were made for drivers with previous violent crime charges, driving offenses, felony convictions and 51 were registered sex offenders. Does this make you feel safer?

Illegal Immigrants From Mexico Hits 17-Year Low

In March, fewer than 12,500 people tried to sneak into the United States from neighboring Mexico. In March of 2016, 33,316 people were caught sneaking in. It seems that enforcement efforts might actually be working. Wait! How much is that wall going to cost?

United Airlines Can’t Catch A Break

Linda Bell reported to CNN that she and her husband were on a United Airlines plane recently when a scorpion fell from the ceiling landing on her husband, Richard. He swatted it off his head and it landed on his tray table.  As he swatted it away again, it stung him. Here comes another lawsuit for United.