Friday Fun Facts

Innovative Ways To Smuggle Pot

An American man was arrested while trying to enter America while driving a hearse with a coffin. Guess what was in the coffin? 67 pounds of marijuana! He probably never believed that a U.S. Customs agent would dare to ask him to open the coffin. You have to wonder  where he borrowed a hearse and a coffin from.


Absolutely No Smoking ANYWHERE in Laguna Beach, CA

Laguna Beach has become the first city in California to completely ban smoking in public. There are only two places you can smoke in Laguna Beach. Inside a private residence or inside your car.  This applies to vapes and e-cigarettes too. When they say, NO SMOKING, they mean it. First time violators are fined $100 and a third violation will cost you $500 if you get busted!


Oldest Person To Skydive – 101 Years-Old!

Bryson Hayes became the oldest person to skydive. On May 14th, Hayes along with 10 members of his family. The youngest was family member was his great-grandson, Stanley who is 16.  Grandson, Roger (50) and his son Bryan (74) were among those that jumped with him.


Late Night TV Wars – Fallon Losing The Race

The Tonight Show, a staple of late night TV is down to 2.7 million viewers. Meanwhile CBS’s Late Show has gained viewers up to 1 million. Some blame the Tonight Show decline to its principles of staying out of politics. Fallon believes The Tonight Show should be filled with comedy and entertainment just as it was when Johnny Carson ran it.