Friday Fun Facts

Top Gun Sequel Coming

Tom Cruise has confirmed the military love drama movie that propelled him to fame will begin shooting a sequel next year.  Many of the scenes were filmed in an around San Diego and tongues are already wagging that the next installment of this great movie will also be shot in San Diego.


Sea Lion Snatches and Releases Toddler

We have all heard of “catch and release” when fishing.  Apparently, sea lions believe in the same concept. A young girl was feeding a sea lion from a dock in Richmond, BC when the sea lion decided he would rather eat her.  He snatched her from the dock and pulled her into the water but quickly released her when a family member jumped in to retrieve her.


$13 Flea Market Purchase Yields $456,000

Talk about winning! A lady bought an old tarnished ring for $13.  After holding on to it for a few years, she took it to have it appraised. After cleaning it up and examining the diamond ring, it was determined that it was a very rare find worth a minimum of $456,000. It will be sold at auction next week and the unidentified lady will cash in on her cheap investment.


17% of Marrying Couples Differ in Race

As we continue to tear down race differences, 17% of all couples married in 2015 were of a different race. That’s up from a mere 3% in 1967 when such practices were strongly frowned upon. We call this progress. At the end of the day, we’re all just people.