Friday Fun Facts

Chipotle Customers Credit Cards Hacked

By now, you have probably heard that Chipotle is the latest corporate victim to be hacked. Customers data was compromised including names, account numbers and expiration dates. The compromise took place over the course of three weeks from 03/24/17 to 04/18/17 and included almost all of their locations. We assume the thieves even know what you ordered. If you patronized Chipotle, watch your bank account closely as compromised debit cards can result in your bank account being drained in a single transaction.

Thieves Steal 30,000 Condoms

Over the Memorial Day weekend, Lelo, a sex toy company based in Las Vegas (gives Sin City a whole new meaning) had their warehouse broken into not once, but TWICE. The first heist included the theft of 30,000 condoms. Later in the weekend, a second burglary saw the loss of $15,000 in “toys”. We’re just going to leave it alone as to why they needed those things.

Student Misses Graduation – Creates His Own Ceremony

Jerich Alcantara was on a subway headed to his graduation ceremonies at Hunter-Bellvue College when someone pulled the emergency brake on the train. Jerich didn’t make it to his  ceremonies but someone played Pomp & Circumstances on their phone and a mock ceremony was held. Jerich, dressed in his graduation gown, thanked his fellow passengers for attending.