Friday Fun Facts

Three Men Arrested For Stealing Avocados Valued at $300,000

Three men in California were arrested on suspicion of grand theft avocados. The three men stole more than $300,000 worth of avocados. “We take these kinds of thefts seriously,” said Sgt John Franchi of the Ventura county sheriff’s department. The theft is blamed on rising resale prices caused by increased demand. Avocado prices have recently surged due to a diminished avocado crop in California and Mexico and increased demand for avocados worldwide.


These Piggy Didn’t Want To Go To Market

A group of 19 pigs caused a 3-mile traffic jam after making a bold dash for freedom while on the way to market. Police spent six hours rounding up the pigs who were attempting to escape their intended fate. The truck they were traveling in was involved in a crash and 19 of the 37 made a run for it.  All 19 were captured.


Man Gets $100 Million Water Bill

        Kieran Healy of Orange County, North Carolina says his water tasted really good and he had no issue with the $189.92 charge for a month’s worth of water. However, he was a little upset that he also had a service charge of $999,999,999. He thought that was a bit excessive. The utility company was quick to say that an outside company sends payment reminder emails to customers before their account is debited. A spokesman said, “A mistake made it appear Healy faced a huge bill”. Really?