Friday Fun Facts

The Doctor Forgot Something

A woman has filed a lawsuit against a hospital after she claims doctors left a camera in her body during a transplant. LaCrystal Lockett of Stone Mountain in Georgia, believes her surgeon was negligent when he performed a kidney and pancreatic transplant in 2014. During a recent medical scan, the camera showed up.

72 Hot Dogs In 10 Minutes

Joey “Jaws” Chestnut powered his way to a his 10th title on Tuesday, in the annual Nathan’s Famous July Fourth hot dog eating contest. Joey downed 72 dogs and buns in 10 minutes to beat his own previous record.

United Airlines Fumbles Again

A mom and her two-year-old son were forced to share one seat during a 3.5 hour flight after United Airlines gave the toddler’s paid seat to a standby passenger. Shirley Yamauchi, a Hawaii teacher says she paid $1,000 for the seat more than three months ago and a flight attendant ordered her to give it up.

Cupcake Fight Lands Siblings in Jail

Sibling rivalry between a brother and sister started innocently enough with cupcake-throwing, but landed them in jail! Latanya E. Daugherty was arguing with her brother, Eddie R. Yaddow, around 1:30am on Saturday when she started pelting cupcakes at him. Yaddow then put the frosting in his sister’s hair. The police report said  he hit her in the head and kicked her in the stomach. Yaddow was charged with felony battery, while Daugherty was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence. Wow!